Week 1 of my Marathon Training

This week my marathon training featured anger, an increase in confidence and getting blown off by a lass called Ophelia.

So I’m just over a week down since I paid my cash monies to Sir Richard and entered the London Marathon this coming April.

I’ve been using Runkeeper and taking the advice of my other half and some mates I’ve told, I’m not doing the usual male ego thing of going hell for leather and hoping for the best. I know I need to build up to it – it’s been a while since I ran.

Since October 3, 2017 (the very first run I did. If you could call it a run??) I have ran 11.7km over 5 runs.

Now I know that’s probably what Mo Farah does round the Asda, buying his multiple packs of Quorn, but it’s actually getting out a whole five times and doing it that I’m most proud of.

I really have gone from zero and so just lacing up those Nike Pegasus and getting out in the dark, wind and cold has been achievement. Especially since we had that hurricane Ophelia going on too.

The first couple of runs I realised I was running with my head down, because I kind of felt ashamed. There’s me, this fat bastard running round the streets. Who the heck did I think I was?

Then I laced on the trabs again.

And a again.

By that third time I felt stronger and better and I noticed my head was up a little higher.

I was actually gaining in confidence.

Last night (run 5) this might sound daft, but I was angry running. I can’t run in one stretch at the moment, I am struggling with my breathing and I do have to stop to walk a bit before running again. Every time I stopped, I was pissed off. With myself. I don’t want to stop, I want to carry on! Yet I know my own limitations and I’m actually really happy with my progress.

So at the moment my loop from my front door, round my estate and back to my front door is 2.3km. This is pretty much the same route I’ve done over all my runs.

Run 1 on October 3, 2017 took me 21:14 and consisted of a lot more walking than running (and wondering what the FECK am I doing?!)

So at that pace, the marathon would take me 6 hours and 28 minutes.

Last night, run 5 on October 16, 2017 took me 17:41 and I was in the wind as that sodding hurricane was here in my face on the way there and blowing me off on the way back (oooh errr!).

Again, running at that pace the marathon would take me 5 hours 17 minutes.

Look at that! I’ve shaved off 1 hr and 11 minutes already!

Pass me that medal 😉



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