The roller-coaster week, managing to loop the loop

After attending the Kirkby Milers last week, Paul Cope (one of the amazing trainers at the club) posted my blog to their Facebook page, the amount of likes and support that came my way from this point was overwhelming, it gave me a real buzz, I had gained more support, a network of experience to tap in to and like-minded people to help me on my journey from Couch to Marathon.💚


Running with Coach Chris!  😁👍👍

Run Number 9 – Time to venture off the estate and into the wild.

Near my house there’s an area known as the 4 corners, it’s popular with joggers and enthusiastic dog walkers and I thought that this would be the next logistical step to make on my training journey. I, for some reason was under the impression that this was also a 5k distance, and with that as my next target I pulled on the trabs, donned my knee supports and headed out of the door in the direction of the first corner.

 What an experience, out at rush hour, me in my gym kit putting one foot in front of the other whilst I passed busses full of people, holding my head up high whilst secretly hoping not to make a show of myself. 

Despite this I felt physically comfortable and noticed that my breathing was more controlled, UNTIL I turned the corner and I could see that incline ahead of me, a bit of a shock to the system but nevertheless I dug deep and kept moving, the 4th corner was in sight and my mantra of 5k goal, 5k goal was running through my head.

 Just as I reached the 4th corner and about to head back onto our estate, my now least best friend, Kat Default from the Runkeeper app, smugly tells me in my ear 4.01k complete! WHAT! HOW! WHY? 4 Corners = 4K– obviously, who didn’t know that? ERM ME, Oh Fook! 😫

I’m shit at making decisions (ask Kerri) but I had to act quickly, turn left and head home or extend this run and reach that 5k target?? I kept on running until my now new best friend Kat whispered seductively in my ear, 5.01k I HAD DONE IT, I carried on, floating on cloud nine all the way home, 5.39k when I landed on my finishing step!


5.39k, 9 runs in, that was great, I felt great, what a buzz and a whooshing feeling of self-pride #Fatboycanrun!!


 Run Number 10 ☹️😔

After smashing run number 9 and feeling so positive I thought I would try the 4k/4 corners again, maybe try and run one lap round the estates for the final leg, could I get to 6k today?

 In a nut shell no, no I couldn’t…😤

 1k in to my run, my calves cramped up, I tried to stretch it out but there was no let up, I tried to carry on but the cramp grew stronger and the pain became too much, scared I would do more damage and worried about setting myself back I stopped.😢

I walked and managed to cover 4k in total, head down and feeling deflated all the way home (you were thinking of a little pig then weren’t you? Wee wee wee).🐷🐷🐷

This is one of them moments I have read about, a bad run.

So early into my training, despite previously my mental strength and confidence growing with each run the doubt gremlins appeared…………..👿





I went home and got in the shower, hot or cold? What would help my legs, I didn’t know? What would wash these doubt gremlins out my head?


I decided I would give my legs a little rest for a few days, I’d clocked up 31k in October over 10 runs. More than I have run in a very long time, if ever?


I used this time to look at stretching techniques and spoke to experienced runners about what works for them, Ice? Heat? Rest? Stretch?

A friend of mine advised me to look into having my Gait analysed, to make sure I have the right footwear and prevent any longer term damage. Good advice I thought.

Putting on my positivity pants I headed to Natterjacks in Liverpool and spoke to one of their consultants, a guy called Rich. 

Rich was extremely knowledgeable and so helpful, I explained my story/scenario/stupidity to him, fully expecting him to laugh or take the micky a bit but no none of that, he was full of enthusiasm, another person telling me I have won a golden ticket!

I tie my Nike Pegasus on and step on to the treadmill and have my run filmed so Rich can analyse my Gait.


I was a little worried as I knew my legs where still a little sore and I really needed them to work now! Feet don’t Fail me now, Legs don’t fail me now! Phew they still work!🙏

Computer Says…………………….I over pronate! Lucky Me! 10 to 2 feet was always going to come back and haunt me!👣

However, all is not lost, there are certain running trainers to help and provide stability for this type of running style. Although my trusted Nike Pegasus are quite a neutral shoe and can still be used for short distances or gym work for pounding the streets over the 10k mark I will need more supportive shoes, I wonder if they provide words of encouragement when it gets tough??

 Now the shopping fun begins, trying to find a decent pair that don’t make me look like a biff, I have given my wool friend some stick recently over her choice of footwear so I have to pick carefully!👠👞👟👡👢


With my list of supportive shoes at the ready I began searching for the perfect pair and settled on these bad boys, Nike Lunerglide 9. 

Don’t look too biffy and didn’t break the bank, winner winner! 

The first time running in them felt very different in comparison to my others, it took me a while to settle into them but I did and they are very comfy.

 Back to a consistent 5.4k, legs feeling better and given my head a wobble!!

 Still a long road ahead……….my support network is growing by the day and of course I now have the addition of my supportive shoes!!

 On to the next challenge —- the big 10K!!!!


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