Just going to have to ride this one out

Second run out to break in the new supportive stability trabs (that makes them sound like special shoes doesn’t it?) I managed to clock up 5.4k, I wasn’t able to make the Kirkby Milers group this week so I was happy I had got this distance in the bag.

The next night I got home from work and decided to go for another run, my aim tonight was 6k, do the 4 corners ( which we all now know is 4k not 5) then come around the back of my estate, hopefully this would be close to the 6k mark.

It’s getting darker with each run so with health and safety in mind I decided to dig out an old Hi-Viz waistcoat, looking like a throwback from the Village People I set off.

Having completed the 4 corners and one lap of the estate and just before the turn off to my close I was at 5k, not quite the 6k I had in mind, so I carried on and ran towards corner 1 of the 4 corners with the intention of turning back and heading home.

Half way back and the lovely Kat informed me that I had achieved the 6k point, I felt really good and thought 7k???🤔

At this point I subconsciously switched into Forest Gump mode, (no box of chocolates in sight🎁🍫) 7k ………8k…………9k……….10k!!!!!! by the time I had reached my finishing step I had covered 10.26k!!

10k? Me? I’d covered 10k!!! The guy who sat around his friends table eating a curry not that long ago, saying there was physically no way he could run 1k never mind 5k and with 10k seeming impossible. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t run the whole 10k in one go BUT I didn’t stop, I walked slow or powerwalked to regain my composure and then plodded on again.

I had just reached 25% of my goal, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park but 6k through to 10k I ran with a smile on my face( I must have looked like I had just escaped the mental asylum.)😁

Taking me back to my Clubland days, my Spotify playlist had me “shaking my shimmy” down the road, “in my eyes” I felt I could “walk on water”, and I was certainly getting into the “rhythm of the night”!!,🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

10k complete, but I’d been so wrapped up in my progress that I totally forgot I was supposed to be sorting the tea out for the family and I also hadn’t realised that the Mrs would think I had gone AWOL. I was met at the finishing step by a relieved but hangry Mrs J! Take away………………………… Oh well I deserved this kabab!🥙🍟

After the long 10k walk/run I decided to wait a couple of days and rested my legs.

Saturday morning I went for another run, a new adventure, part of an 8k route I had been told about, let’s see how far I get on this one.

To the untrained eye (my untrained eye) the roads where I live are quite flat. Well that was exactly what I thought until I set out on this route, “this is a good 8k loop” I was told, “you’ll enjoy it”, LIES, ALL LIES!! This route is made up of sneaky low inclines, I’d reach a level and boom I’d be slowly climbing again, ahead of me I could see the local pub, I don’t usually drink but I admit today I was tempted only its frowned upon at 9.30 in the morning……..isn’t it?🍻

Once past the pub the route levels off along a country lane, then you reach another pub ……. Ah I’m starting to see a trend, I wondered why I was told it could take 5 hours on a Saturday afternoon!!

From the second pub it was all downhill until I reached the dam, then I met an unexpected really steep incline! I would not be defeated, and imagining I was a Gladiator on the travellator I pushed on and reached the top. The 8k route then takes you around the 4 corners but I was done in, I was tired, my calves were tight and my ankle had started to hurt. I admitted defeat and headed home, I had covered 5.92k, not what I set out to achieve but another run under my belt with the introduction of some varied inclines.

It’s all progress!!🏃🏻🏃🏻👟👟


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