Back to Basics

Over the last few weeks my distance and time spent running has increased, but what I’ve realised is that I haven’t been consistent.

I’m not taking away the positives, but on reflection, how far can I actually run in one go?

Not stopping to walk, catch my breath or have a quick stretch?

2.3k – my little route from door to door, is the only measurable route I can say I’ve ran in one go.

So this is my 1st attempt at making a little plan for the next few weeks, increasing the distance for my smaller runs week by week, attending the track with the Kirkby Milers and trying to do some longer runs over the weekends.

Who doesn’t love a colour coded spreadsheet?😬

So how’s it gone?<<<
l I managed 3 runs and a track session. Managed to get to 3.44k without stopping so I feel my plan is working.

But the best run and my favourite so far was my run with little man!


ing forward, hopefully having a plan will also help to get rid of these doubt Gremlins that often pop in and out my head!👾

Every bad run I start questioning myself:

Am I stupid? ( don’t answer that Mrs J x)Can I do this?Every time I get over one issue, another pops up like, sore knee, then calves, then ankles.🤕

I do shake myself out of it and I’m impressed at how mentally positive I am, it certainly helps having the support of family and friends, new friends from the Kirkby Milers and also virtual friends from Social Media, people you probably will never meet but have no hidden agenda other than to wish you the best.

They say running is good for your mental state and in the short term I totally agree, that doesn’t quite work as well when you declare to everyone you know that you’re going to run the London Marathon! From sitting on the couch to lining up in 7 months!

To me at this point running has become almost like an addiction,

My Names Jay Johnson and I’m addicted to Running!😳
ve thought that would even be possible, I certainly didn’t.

I find myself thinking about running when I am not running.

When will my next run be?

Short or long?

If it’s not raining should I make the most of it?

I guess it’s a cheaper addiction than some available addiction on the market.

Anyway got to go, need my next fix




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