Still plodding on! Just not blogged on!

It’s been a good few weeks since I last updated my blog, in all honesty, the running in December didn’t quite go according to plan. ☹️

Looking back on December, I managed 5 runs in total just shy of 20miles, which normally for a new runner, would be great, however the goal I set myself, I now need to get back on track.

So what went wrong?

asically life got in the way, I now know I need to be more dedicated to my training but I never realised how quickly things can slide when you have so many commitments. ( like the social butterfly that I am)

Work Commitments⌨️🖥🖨

Son’s Birthday👦🏻🎂

Too Many Xmas nights out ( a free bar thrown in the mix and I’m not a drinker!!!)

An Amazing Family Wedding👰🏻🤵🏻🥂

Home improvements before the Big day. (on the Wife`s say so)🔧🔨🔩

Xmas shopping💷💷💷💷💷💷💷

Spending time with loved ones (the best bit about xmas)❤️❤️❤️

Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a fantastic time with all my favourite people, but what it has highlighted to me is that I need to plan my time out better, making sure I get the required running time I need moving forward.

I can’t look back and think about what I haven’t done, I can only learn from these mistakes and better myself.

One thing I have learned from the running I did partake in this month was the need to wrap up warm! It was so cold on some nights that it was a struggle to breathe.

Also when you get home and your that cold you man parts look like ALF the Aliens Nose! You know it’s been a cold one!

I have some new running gloves which will keep my hands warm, a fleece and a waterproof jacket, I just can’t seem to cross the line yet and buy some tights! So for now the ALF nose will have to stay! 🧤🧣🧦🧢☃️

I did get this bad boy off the In-laws too, I wasn’t too sure about getting one to start with and although I still use my Runkeeper App, I’m loving it! Well worth investing in if you are considering it.

January and beyond! Needing to up the miles for the long weekend runs, and mid-week runs need to be a minimum of 3 miles per run but I plan to exceed that.

I’ve still been receiving so much support, it got to the point where I was fed up of hearing myself talk about running, but Friends and Family have still been asking and are genuinely interested, wanting to know how I am progressing, keeping me focused.

Not one to miss out on a bit of friendly family competition/banter and also support.

I have signed up for a Virtual Run for January, to run 50miles ( starting off small ha ha) in Jan with my Cousin Louise.

Also signed up for 1000 mile Challenge to be done over 12 months, that’s only 83 miles a month!! Again influenced by Lou!

I will be signing up for the Liverpool Half Marathon, in March, soon, hopefully a few of the family will be signing up for this ( I won’t call them out just yet as it might have been the Christmas merriment that made them say yes at the time)😳😳😳

My Mum, who I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs, told me she would like to do another 10k, so we plan on doing the Liverpool 10k in May 🏃‍♀️

Also the biggest thing I have been looking forward to the most, I’m now officially a Kirkby Miler! It’s strange because although I wasn’t “official” as such, I have been welcomed into the fold by everyone and included in all the social media groups that it’s been more of a formality than anything else, but now when I do a Parkrun or any other run I will be able to wear the Green vest of the Milers with pride.💚💚💚

How has it gone so far?

Well it’s been a mixed bag really. Physically💪🏻

It’s been a lot harder than I anticipated it to be, I won’t lie, but I’ve just managed to get into double figures for the 1st time, so I’m on track in regards to my plan, some good runs some bad runs but all above 4 miles, which was my goal set for the month, done my quickest 5K and quickest 10k so next is the Half Marathon distance to aim for.


Well that’s a bit of a different story! My head fell off a few times!

Doubt Gremlins well and truly got in my head! I even questioned whether I could do this or not!

Then Mrs J (as she has done on many occasions) gave my head a wobble and told me basically quit or man up! She knew I wouldn’t quit! But when you hear them words it gives you the proverbial kick up the arse you need! Thank you Mrs J 😘

40 miles in the bag this month and it’s only the 15th!

🎵🎶Oh were half way there! Woah living on a prayer!!!🎵🎶

New year, new goals, same huge target!

Only 96 days to go









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