Hi I’m Jay.

I’m 34, from Liverpool. Dad to two delightful humans and husband to my long-suffering missus, Kerri.

By day I work in an office so lots of sitting around and lots of cake on a Friday and lots of trips to the canteen.

So why am I here? And why are you reading this?

I made a terrible mistake.

One night while doing the obligatory Twitter stalk, I ended up in a social media wormhole (you know, those moments when you sit watching video after video while your wife could kill you with her murderous stare). Anyway, I landed on the profile of Sir Richard Branson, which caused me to stumble on the Virgin London Marathon Twitter page, and then before I knew it I’d clicked a few links and entered.

Sheez. “Ha it’s OK, I won’t get a place” I smugly said to myself. You see I work in an office where there are some strange super fit creatures who do this running thing for fun. They’d never been able to get a place to date. Apparently it was like a Willy Wonka golden ticket and there’s no way a chunky lad like me would get a place. The longest run I’d done up to this point was running for a train.

So imagine my shock, horror and surprise at finding out a few months later that Sir Richard and his running cronies had offered me the chance *cough* torturous ordeal *cough* to run the 26.2 miles round that there big old London in April 2018.

This is my blog and journey as I train towards the biggest goal of my life and will act as my online accountability buddy.

There’s nothing left to say but…


Jay 🙂