The Truth is out there!!!! So are other Joggers!

So it’s been just over a week since my blog went live and I put the links on social media!
I’ll be honest it was quite a difficult thing for me to do and I hesitated a few times before I pressed the submit button.

But, the whole point was to say it out loud and make it real!

 Well believe me, this week its got really real! 

 I have genuinely been surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of positive comments I’ve received on social media and direct messages!

 Friends and family having conversations about it, in true Scouse fashion i have recieved a barrage of piss taking, I didn’t expect anything less from my nearest and dearest but even the banter has led on to positive words of support and encouragement and people asking when my next update on the blog will be?

 I’ve had a couple of chats this week with people I didn’t even know had run the London Marathon before. They have all given me the highlights of their experience and advice im sure i will use in the coming weeks.
A lot of friends and family have also told me about things they have booked for next year, 5K’s, Half Marathons, even Tough Mudder! So, if youve signed up for these events, be prepared, im on the look out for running partners, the more the merrier!!!

My inspirational moment this week came in the form of a chat with my Mum! X

After Mum had gotten over the initial shock of me taking on the beast that is the London Marathon she began reminiscing over her running achievements.
When i saw her this weekend she was eager to show me her medals and had dug out her race times.
I knew Mum had embraced her girl power a couple of years back, joined a local run club and taken part in a couple of 5k’s. What i hadnt appreciated is that she had infact run quite a few 10k’s. Proud son moment which sparked a thought of “if the arl girl can do it so can I”!!

Mum went on to showcase her medals to my daughter who looked on at her in awe, wow my nanna has medals for running, what an inspiration. A real example of something to tell the grandkids. I want a slice of this, I want to make my children proud, I will make them proud!!

So what’s happened since last time?

 A milestone achievement happened at run number 6, I finished the 2.3k circuit without walking, a consistant run which ended with me in a bewildered state of euphoria outside my front door. After being so frustrated on run 5 I decided to change it up a bit and I ran the opposite way (I looked a bit stupid running backwards like but it worked! ) 😂

The reason I ran the opposite way was because I had been using certain points on my route as rest stops or goals to aim for, running the opposite way changed my focus and I no longer knew where these points where or how far round my route i had gone. I made it! All 2.3k of my little beginners route all in one go! What made it better was just as I was getting to the end, the Mrs and Kids pulled up in the car, although I dashed past the outstreched arms of my daughter, who was desperate for a daddy cuddle after a long day at school, shouting, “move, move i’ve nearly done it” as I headed for the finish line, aka the front step. GOAL 1 Achieved and feeling pretty good!!!


My Finishing Step! 

Run number 7! Lucky number 7? Well it was for me, I wanted to try and get to 3k, I knew roughly where I needed to get to and that was my goal that night, well I turned in to Forest Gump – I just kept on running! And managed 4.3k! I won’t lie I did walk a little bit ( power walking really, like Harold Bishop from Neighbours!) but I would say at least 4k was running! Happy days!


I also reached out to the local running club this week. I know a guy who is one of the coaches, i sent him a message and I asked if I could be their Water Boy? He said no! 😔 but said i was more than welcome to come along and join in their training session on the local athletics track!
So tonight can you guess where ive been??? ………………..Pizza Hut!!!!! …………..Just kidding!
I went and ran with the Kirkby Milers! 
I was apprehensive, putting myself out there with proper real life running types but I have a massive goal and need all the help I can get.
It was great!!! 
I was made to feel really welcome from the minute i got there. I met the Coach of the beginers group, told him my story, and he uttered 5 golden words i had needed to hear – you have plenty of time!!! Phew!! 
Tonight I ran as a beginner, in a group of beginners, new friends heading in the same direction and striving for the same goals, well for the time being anyway. Non of them are as bat shit crazy as me and aiming for a Marathon in 179 days!!! Yikes!!!
Cant wait for next Wednesday now!!


Week 1 of my Marathon Training

This week my marathon training featured anger, an increase in confidence and getting blown off by a lass called Ophelia.

So I’m just over a week down since I paid my cash monies to Sir Richard and entered the London Marathon this coming April.

I’ve been using Runkeeper and taking the advice of my other half and some mates I’ve told, I’m not doing the usual male ego thing of going hell for leather and hoping for the best. I know I need to build up to it – it’s been a while since I ran.

Since October 3, 2017 (the very first run I did. If you could call it a run??) I have ran 11.7km over 5 runs.

Now I know that’s probably what Mo Farah does round the Asda, buying his multiple packs of Quorn, but it’s actually getting out a whole five times and doing it that I’m most proud of.

I really have gone from zero and so just lacing up those Nike Pegasus and getting out in the dark, wind and cold has been achievement. Especially since we had that hurricane Ophelia going on too.

The first couple of runs I realised I was running with my head down, because I kind of felt ashamed. There’s me, this fat bastard running round the streets. Who the heck did I think I was?

Then I laced on the trabs again.

And a again.

By that third time I felt stronger and better and I noticed my head was up a little higher.

I was actually gaining in confidence.

Last night (run 5) this might sound daft, but I was angry running. I can’t run in one stretch at the moment, I am struggling with my breathing and I do have to stop to walk a bit before running again. Every time I stopped, I was pissed off. With myself. I don’t want to stop, I want to carry on! Yet I know my own limitations and I’m actually really happy with my progress.

So at the moment my loop from my front door, round my estate and back to my front door is 2.3km. This is pretty much the same route I’ve done over all my runs.

Run 1 on October 3, 2017 took me 21:14 and consisted of a lot more walking than running (and wondering what the FECK am I doing?!)

So at that pace, the marathon would take me 6 hours and 28 minutes.

Last night, run 5 on October 16, 2017 took me 17:41 and I was in the wind as that sodding hurricane was here in my face on the way there and blowing me off on the way back (oooh errr!).

Again, running at that pace the marathon would take me 5 hours 17 minutes.

Look at that! I’ve shaved off 1 hr and 11 minutes already!

Pass me that medal 😉



What the heck have I done??? Fat Jay Slim’s London Marathon back story

So a few months ago, whilst sat pigging out on an Indian takeaway with friends we discussed the possibility of doing a 5k run with our kids.

We outlined a training plan and it felt doable.

That 5k run was last weekend. None of us entered. None of us picked up the trainers after a night of tikka, and that was that.

That same night those few months ago, I ended up having a good old nosey on on Twitter and thought “ooh I wonder what the London Marathon is tweeting” as running had been on my mind.

Next thing I know I’m down a worm hole of inspirational marathon stories and somewhere deep in my brain I thought “I’m gonna apply!”. There are blokes at work who have done the marathon a few times and I knew that a ballot place would be like finding rocking horse shite. So I applied, feeling doubly smug. Smug I had been brave enough to stick my name in the hat and smug that it most certainly, definitely wouldn’t happen. There’s no way a chubby Scouse lad like me was going to get a golden ticket.


This came in the post.

London Marathon provisional acceptance form

All of a sudden the smug turned to terror. I’d only gone and got a place.

After speaking with friends and colleagues and realising how rare this was, I made the downright ridiculous and potentially life changing decision of actually going through with it.

So yes, here it is. My declaration. This unhealthy, overweight Dad of 2 is going to run the 26.2 miles in just over 7 months time.

Double sh*t.

Not many people know. In fact you might be reading this after I’ve sent you the link on a message. It’s my way of putting it out there, and hopefully sticking to it.

My wife Kerri is cautious. She thinks if I’m dedicated I could do it but my track record isn’t great. She’s thinking my enthusiasm might fizzle out, just like those times I joined the gym, got into the Insanity workouts (lasted 6 weeks which was a lot more than normal!) and that time I joined a 5-a-side team.

Yet the thought of her there at the finish line with my son and daughter is enough to fuel me to achieve this.

So the voices in my head say:

I’m scared
I’m anxious
I’m overwhelmed
I’m excited
Can I do this?
Should I do this?
Am I just kidding myself?
Hang on…
Why can’t I do this??

If I can achieve this, I can set my mind to anything, right?

So it’s week one, since I found out I’ve got my place. I paid my fee, and I’m entered.

First things first, all I needed to do was get off my arse and get out for a jog. That really was the hardest bit!

I fixed my Runkeeper app to track my runs (slow jogs) and laced up my Nike Pegasus 33 that I’d also bought that same night I went trawling the Virgin Marathon twitter feed. I mean, it was that long ago that they’ve brought out the Nike 34 or 35 since then.

Not that I’m going to run out and buy all the gear just yet. I don’t want to be a MAMIL (Middle Aged Man in Lycra) so these semi new ‘trabs’ (Scouse for trainers), some new shorts and socks will do for now.

The initial aim is to get out and run/jog/vomit at least three times a week. Nothing too crazy. After all, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Right?

Jay 😱